Dean of Students

Dean of Students

MEF University’s Office of the Student Dean

MEF University’s Office of the Student Dean was established in November 2018 with
a Board of Directors decision to unite all activities that facilitate university life for students under
a single roof.

The activities of the Office of the Student Dean are focused on the goal of ensuring that our
students graduate as versatile, enlightened, and modern individuals moulded by cultural and
artistic pursuits, as well as supporting their academic and scientific development. The Office also
serves as a department that cooperates with relevant administrative and academic departments to
produce solutions as needed.

Among the most important tasks of the Office of the Student Dean is to provide students with
educational activities in line with their interests, talents, and career, in addition to academic
development, and ensuring that their university lives are spent in a happy, healthy, and
intellectual environment from prep year to graduation.

Established to serve this very mission, the Office of the Student Dean is a solution-oriented
department, where students can share their questions, problems, and suggestions about the
quality of life in the university. The Office considers it its duty to stand by the students
whenever required.

It also acts as a bridge as it conveys students’ administrative or academic issues to university
administration, whether they are general or personal.

The Office supports the student body’s social, cultural, artistic, and sporting events, and helps
them maximize their individual and collective potentials.
It leads students as they organize activities that foster the spirit of unity and solidarity, and
raise awareness on social responsibility. The Office takes special care to ensure that students
preserve their mental and physical health, and go on to become productive members of
society. It also plays an active role in announcing national and international programs targeted
at students, and facilitating the participants’ success.


Dear Students,

As your Dean, I am delighted to join you in your activities, which will surely enable our young
and dynamic university to gain greater momentum, and to share your joys and sorrows.
I hope this most beautiful, productive, and independent time of your life will be spent in a happy,
healthy, and successful manner.
Sevil Sezen
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